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Argentina, Brazil and Chile Since Independence

The second-most common ethnic origin is Spanish. Argentina today has a large Arab population, most of whom are from Syria and Lebanon. There are also about , Asian people, mostly of Chinese and Korean origins. Additionally, the Argentine government estimates there are , residents without official documents, many of whom immigrated from Paraguay, Peru , and Bolivia. In , Argentina became the first Latin American country to allow nationwide same-sex marriage. The official language used in Argentina is Spanish. A variety of additional languages are also commonly used, including Italian, English, German, French, and indigenous dialects.

The current median age of the population in Argentina is The fertility rate of women is holding steady at approximately 2. A popular dish of Argentina is called asados.

Argentina Independence Day 2018 - Google Doodle - History Of Argentina Independence Day

It is a collection of various meats, including steak, ribs, chorizo, sweetbreads, chitterlings, and blood sausage. This selection of meat is slowly grilled on a large grill with low heat from red-hot embers. The larger meats are started first, with smaller meats being added over time.

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Some are served with lemon or with provolone cheese discs. Argentina declared its independence from Spain in , and the first national census was taken in Tt was shown that there were just 1,, people living here. Confirmed figures were only recorded on a sporadic basis from then on and the next available results date from Further censuses in the first half of the 20th century were just as erratic in terms of when they were carried out.

Argentina independence: Argentina: tumultuous years | In English | EL PAÍS

They were taken in and , but by the country had settled into a pattern whereby the surveys were carried out every ten years. The census showed that numbers had grown to 20,, and Argentina has maintained consistent growth to the present day.

The predicted population of Argentina is 45,, in and 49,, in Population estimates based on interpolation of World Population Prospects data. Estimate as of September 20th is: 44,, Total population: Estimated to be consistent with the , , , , and censuses, with official population estimates through , and with estimates of the subsequent trends in fertility, mortality and international migration.

Home Countries Argentina. Components of Population Change One birth every 42 seconds. Cities in Argentina.

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