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Ocean Endeavour is the first vessel to take visitors into these protected waters

It is the sixth time in three years that Adventure Canada has attempted to bring people here, and the first time the treacherous ice and fierce winds have cooperated. In the words of host David Newland — a performer, speaker and Arctic enthusiast — it feels like higher forces have gifted us this rare experience. It is Sept. As part of our permit to be here on the Ocean Endeavour, we must disable the GPS functions on our phones and cameras to protect the location. Dropping anything is a serious concern. Despite the fear of messing things up for this pilot project, we are giddy from seeing rare, embargoed drone shots of what the Erebu s looks like standing upright and largely intact in just 11 metres of clear, calm water.

The relics are being kept in shallow grey tubs of sea water. Looking at these ancient objects transports us back to when Franklin and his men set sail from England on two ships, convinced they would find the fabled Northwest Passage, an imagined shortcut from Europe to Asia for trade purposes. Inuit culturalists and polar bear guards, geologists, botanists, marine biologists, bird experts, naturalists, musicians and other experts join each cruise.

The ship holds just passengers. After we cycle through the barge in small groups, we zip over to the RV David Thompson. The pride of the Parks Canada research vessel fleet sleeps 14 and just spent a week at the Terror, has been here nine days and hopes to get another week of work done before the weather turns. The questionnaires we fill out will help them decide when and how to let other cruises and smaller vessels into the restricted area.

Parks Canada and the Nunavummiut people of Nunavut work together to preserve and protect the wrecks. The partnership, the first for a National Historic Site, reflects the critical role the Inuit played in the two discoveries. We are welcomed by two drum dancers, eight square dancers, one singer and a four-piece band. The Nattilik Heritage Centre showcases the traditional Inuit lifestyle and sells local carvings. An area devoted to the Franklin story is poised to expand.

Tour guide Norman Aquptanguaq takes me to the Qikiqtaq Co-Op where we admire ball caps, travel mugs, water bottles and coffee cups that speak to burgeoning tourism savvy. Speciality Inn. Accommodations By The Sea. Everything was clean and welcoming, bed was comfortable, views were amazing and the host, Bernard is a very nice and interesting to talk to Umingmak Lodge. Debbie is always all smile every morning and her breakfasts are always delicious. Thank you all for being my Nunatak Bed and Breakfast.

The place was very clean and tiddy. The fridge in the kitchen had some water, juice, fruit and a few other things for the guests and a fully functional kitchen at you Inns North Arctic Islands Lodge. One of the only places in town that serves food all day.

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Clean rooms and friendly workers. Auyuittuq Lodge.

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What makes it special is the staff. Summer manager Justin and his colleagues from Pangnirtung provided good Sauniq Hotel. The review is very difficult given where Pond Inlet is and how hard it must be to maintain a hotel in this location. In any other place, this would be a one Turaarvik Inns North. Auyuittug Lodge. Katimavik Suites Arviat. Black Point Lodge. Let me tell you, the inside is not what you expect based on the exterior of the lodge.

Nunavut - History: Books

Tujurmivik Hotel. Small kitchen that you're allowed to use - it's a shame that so many other guests don't know the etiquette of a shared kitchen! The food is great, make Nunamiut Lodge Hotel. The rooms are new, quiet, and clean, and aren't that different from a hotel in the south. The staff are excellent, I was picked up at Quite rooms, own bathroom, worth the money.

If you are new to Kug, stay here. If you are a frequent flyer within the North, this is best I've experienced.

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Naujaaraaluit Hotel. No restaurant, shared kitchen and dining room, right beside the northern store. Rooms had modern furnishings, very clean and cozy. LRT Lodging. Comfy home away from home feeling. South Camp Inn. Kimik Co-op Hotel.

Nunavut Economy

Things are much more relaxed and you will be able to board quickly and easily. Traveling through Nunavut by air is a unique and interesting experience that we know you will love. We urge you to take heed on this point!

Unless you are from the aboriginal Arctic, you are not going to be experienced enough to take this trip alone. No, visiting Iceland or Arctic Norway certainly does not count in your Arctic preparedness so please listen carefully! He is also a school counselor and the mayor of Naujatt, so you can be sure you are in great hands.

Nunavut, Canada - One-Minute Getaway

Our guide Solomon was able to provide us with meals, sleeping bags, safety information, Mustang safety suits to wear on the water, and expert first-hand knowledge on local life and the Nunavut landscape. If you want to travel to the community of Naujaat, we highly recommend Solomon and Arctic Wilderness Outfitters.

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  • This was the first time we had ever worked with a guide during our travels and it was great! A trip to Nunavut means an immediate lesson on Arctic Canadian culture from the second you sit down in the plane. Yes, the airline magazines discussed Nunavut culture and the woes Inuit have undergone for centuries at the hands of foreign governments as well as their triumphs and successes.

    The locals in Naujaat were perfectly fluent in both languages, save a few of the older adults. We loved learning about the Nunavut hunting culture from our guide Solomon. He told us that the Inuit are appalled by factory farming and hunting for sport that much of North America loves to partake in. No, in Nunavut, locals hunt out of necessity and use every part of the animal. One whale hunted by locals in Naujaat can last the entire community and surrounding communities up to two years of food! Animal skins and horns are used for bedding, winter clothing, carvings and more and Inuit have a great respect for animals.

    If you are slight daredevils like we are, the prospect of standing on a piece of ice in the Arctic ocean at a depth of feet floating on water that can kill you in minutes will surely excite you! Although we were initially nervous about the idea, Solomon informed us that it is actually quite safe. He showed us how to pick out the perfect pieces of ice to safely stand on, discussed the depth of the ice itself [some went feet down into the water], and allowed us to drink from pure-as-can-be wells of literal ice water that had collected on the ice piece.