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You might also find work via SCSU. Find networking opportunities, internship programs and entry-level jobs via websites like TalentEgg and CharityVillage. As a graduate, explore internships and other trainee programs like CareerEdge. Explore Student Clubs and Professional Associations and get involved: volunteer for their events and conferences, and get to know people in your industry of interest.

Business careers with high pay : Career Outlook: U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics

These are your future mentors, supervisors and colleagues! This article also highlights occupations in which workers put in more than the average hours for all full-time workers about 42 hours per week in , according to BLS. Workers in this occupation group help with the day-to-day activities of running a business, such as coordinating employee benefits or purchasing supplies.

Table 1 shows selected high-paying occupations for business operations specialists.

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Footnotes: 1 Estimates do not include wages of self-employed workers. Source: U. At all three percentiles, management analysts had the highest wage of the occupations in table 1 in May These analysts were also among those who worked the longest each week 44 hours, on average of the occupations shown.

Market research analysts and marketing specialists earned the lowest wage at the 10th percentile.

What education or certification will I need to work in international business?

At the 90th percentile, however, their wage was second highest of the occupations in the table. The large spread in wages for this occupation may be due, in part, to the diverse nature of these jobs.

Jobs and outlook. There were more than , management analyst jobs in , making it the largest of the occupations in table 1. Many of these analysts were employed in consulting firms, where they help find ways to make businesses more profitable and efficient.

Careers in International Business

The District of Columbia, Virginia, and Maryland had the highest concentrations of management analysts. And BLS projects over , job openings for this occupation over the —24 decade. If you like keeping track of money, a financial specialist career might be a good option.

Workers in the occupations shown in table 2 might do tasks such as balancing business accounts and helping people make investment decisions. Because of their expertise, many of these workers earn wages that are higher than those for all workers. At higher percentiles, their wages may be double or even triple that amount. Personal financial advisors had one of the lowest 10th percentile wages of these occupations, but their median and 90th percentile wages were the highest of the occupations in table 2. They and financial analysts worked, on average, the most hours on the job 43 hours a week of the occupations shown in the table.

Accountants and auditors held more than 1. Many of these jobs were in accounting firms. Accountants and auditors work in every state, but they were most concentrated in the District of Columbia, Colorado, and Delaware. And this occupation is projected to have nearly half a million job openings between and Managers oversee an array of business-related activities. Table 3 shows selected management occupations with high pay. Managers had some of the highest wages of the occupations in this article. These workers often get perks, such as profit-sharing payments and stock bonuses, in addition to their wages.

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  4. But high pay could also mean many hours: All of the occupations in table 3 had average weekly hours that were higher than the average for all workers. Marketing and sales managers held more than a half million jobs in Massachusetts, Connecticut, and New Jersey had some of the highest concentrations of marketing managers. BLS projects about , job openings between and for marketing and sales managers, the most out of the occupations shown in table 3. For many businesses, sales are at the core of profitability.

    Certain types of sales workers, but not all, have high pay. Selected high-paying sales occupations are shown in table 4. With some sales careers, workers are paid on commission. These payments reward workers who sell a lot with higher earnings. This occupation also had the highest median wage, and the highest average hours worked per week, of the occupations in table 4.

    Jobs at CEIBS

    High-paying sales jobs also might require long hours. The only occupation in table 4 with average hours less than those for all workers was insurance sales agents. Wholesale and manufacturing sales representatives had the most jobs of any occupation in this article, more than 1. My time at Victoria as an undergraduate student flew by so fast, and as I'd always liked the idea of postgraduate study it was an easy choice to enroll for the IBUS Honours programme.

    I really value what I gained from Honours in both an educational and personal sense and it's been a great foundation for entering the workforce. The skills I gained during the Honours year have not only helped me get a job, but they have also contributed to my overall competency and ability to carry out tasks independently. I researched how New Zealand managers navigate China's complex legal frameworks in order to ensure their intellectual property IP is adequately protected.

    Understanding not only how China's business environment works, but also why it works that way, is useful considering how important the Chinese economy is and how relevant it is to Australasian businesses. Specifically, my knowledge of IP law and Chinese perceptions of personal property is useful on a daily basis when working with clients entering or operating in China.

    What does an international businessperson do?

    I really enjoyed the research process and the opportunity to collect my own data and draw conclusions. I'd love to further expand on my Honours topic as it's an issue I'm passionate about, and I will definitely consider other research projects in the future.! Trust your abilities!