Guide Creating the Land of the Sky: Tourism and Society in Western North Carolina

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The situation becomes known as the Kirk-Holden War. Holden from power. They impeach Holden on eight charges, which include illegally raising troops to send to areas not in actual rebellion, arresting citizens illegally, and denying the writ of habeas corpus to those arrested. He is convicted on six charges. Nearly 1, men are arrested by United States soldiers for alleged involvement with the Klan, and 37 are convicted. This investigation helps limit Klan activity in the state for a period of time.

Dimock had to go abroad to find a medical school that would accept women. Reynolds builds his first tobacco factory in Winston-Salem. He serves until The mining boom town of Ore Knob is chartered in Ashe County.

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Copper is mined extensively in the area throughout the s and s. Hayes removes Federal troops from the South. The General Assembly authorizes a normal school for blacks and chooses the Howard School, which opened in in Fayetteville, as the most promising site because of its academic record in educating black children.

It is the first state-supported institution of higher learning for African Americans in North Carolina. Zebulon B. Vance, North Carolina governor during the Civil War, is reelected to the post as Democrats regain control of the state government. The tragedy creates a public outcry for increased government resources for maritime disasters. This wreck, along with the sinking of the Metropolis at Currituck earlier in the year, convinces Congress to expand the United States Lifesaving Service.

Motoring through the Mountains - 1930s: Waynesville

Leonidas L. Polk becomes the first commissioner of the newly created North Carolina Department of Agriculture. Shober, the first known African American doctor in the state to possess an M. November: Charles N.

Creating the Land of the Sky: Tourism and Society in Western North Carolina

Hunter and his brother form the North Carolina Industrial Association to try to improve the lives of African Americans by emphasizing economic progress rather than political activity. North Carolina has tobacco factories that annually manufacture 6. Tobacco manufacturing eventually becomes centered in Durham, Winston-Salem, Reidsville, and Greensboro.

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  5. A government inquiry investigates possible negligence by the staff of the Pea Island Lifesaving Station. Richard Etheridge is appointed to head the station, becoming the first African American station keeper in the United States Lifesaving Service. The North Carolina Pharmaceutical Association forms during a meeting held in the state senate chamber in Raleigh. Bahnson to his farm in Winston-Salem. At least 53 people lose their lives.

    For their heroic action, seven lifesavers receive the Gold Lifesaving Medal of Honor, the highest award given by the Lifesaving Service. A Bonsack machine, which rolls cigarettes, is installed at the W.

    Western Carolina University - Richard Starnes

    Duke, Sons and Company factory in Durham. The machine rolls , cigarettes a day, a great improvement over the 15, that an individual worker could roll in a hour week. The organization later becomes the North Carolina Education Association. The state recognizes the Croatoan Indians, now known as the Lumbee, as an official American Indian tribe. Eventually, 29 stations exist in North Carolina. Williams earns a medical degree and becomes the first licensed African American physician in North Carolina. This school evolves into the present-day University of North Carolina at Pembroke.

    It opens in Former commissioner of agriculture Leonidas Polk becomes its leader in the state.

    follow By the Alliance has , members in the state, but ultimately the organization fails to bring about significant political gains for farmers. August: Charles W. High Point begins its rise as a major furniture manufacturing center. The organization is powerful enough that the Democratic Party seeks its support by endorsing issues favored by the Alliance. Western Carolina University is founded as a semipublic school. It is chartered as Cullowhee High School in , to serve the Cullowhee community and boarding students from neighboring counties and other states.

    James B.

    Humanities at WCU

    Duke incorporates the American Tobacco Company from five smaller firms. Duke, Sons and Company manufactures half of the cigarettes consumed in the United States. Agricultural depression ruins many North Carolina farmers, forcing them into bankruptcy. Biltmore House is the largest private residence in the nation. The school opens in Greensboro in to teach African Americans practical agriculture and mechanical arts and to provide academic and classical instruction.

    Instead, Morehead and his associates discover calcium carbide and acetylene gas, providing the foundations for Union Carbide Corporation. The new company develops outside North Carolina.

    Cherokee Teach Tourists in North Carolina

    The first large-scale reforestation on a professional basis starts at the Biltmore Estate near Asheville. The former mansion stood in ruins at the end of Reconstruction, and succeeding governors had lived either in private homes or at the Yarborough Hotel. Waldensians, members of a religious group founded during the Middle Ages, immigrate to North Carolina from Europe and settle the town of Valdese in Burke County.

    Most Populists are white farmers who feel that the Democratic Party has not addressed their economic concerns. The Fusionists overcome the racial politics that has kept wealthy white conservatives in power. Ten years later, they open a second plant, the White Oak Mill, which becomes the largest cotton mill in the South and the largest denim-manufacturing plant in the world. He is the only African American representative in Congress, where he seeks to promote and protect members of his race.

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    He appoints African Americans to federal positions within his district and introduces the first antilynching bill. White is the last black from any state to serve in Congress for the next quarter century. Russell as governor. He is the only Republican elected to that office in North Carolina between Reconstruction and Warren C.

    Women had been allowed to attend summer teacher institutes in Chapel Hill since The first forestry school in the United States is founded on the Biltmore Estate near Asheville under the leadership of Dr. Carl Schenck. William Cyrus Briggs invents a very successful automatic cigarette-rolling machine in Winston-Salem. Fries Manufacturing and Power Company in Forsyth County becomes the first producer of hydroelectric power in the state.

    Aaron M. It is currently the largest African American—owned business in the world. Pepsi-Cola is first marketed. North Carolina sends two regiments of white soldiers and three companies of African American infantrymen. The final peace treaty is signed in December. The riot causes black and white Republicans to resign, and the Democrats install a white supremacist government. State newspapers report casualties as 11 blacks killed, 25 blacks wounded, and 3 white men killed.

    July 4: Clarence H. He advocates progressive farming techniques and stresses the value of education and modern medicine. Skip to main content. Donate to the Museum.