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This allows building a two-level information model with a random process at the microlevel and a dynamic process at macrolevel. Considering a variation principle VP as a mathematical form that expresses some regularity, it is assumed that the VP extremals, represented by the solutions of the above dynamic model, describe a movement possessing these regularities. Such an approach has been used by R. Feynman, who introduced the functional on trajectories of an electron's movement and applied the variation principle for this path functional to obtain the equations of quantum mechanics.

Feynman's path functional is defined on the dynamic trajectories and has not been applied to trajectories of a random process. Lib Just another WordPress site.

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Robotics as an undergraduate area of study is fairly common. Recommended Course Background: EN.

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Marcovian Processes and Equations of Math Physics. Examples of Extremal Principles.


Minimax Principle. Macrolevel Dynamics. Information Mass.

Information Forces. The Information Virtual and Physical Connections. The Invariant Transformation of the Model's Eigenvalues.

Information Path Functional &; Informational Macrodynamics

The Informational Analogies of Physical Invariants. The Bound Energy of Information Cooperation.

Classical Mechanics. Special Theory of Relativity TR. Quantum and Statistical Mechanics.

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Gravitation Theory. String Theory. Theory of Phase Transformations. Theory of Stability. Dynamic Systems Theory and Kolmogorov's Complexity. Chaotic Dynamics. Nonequilibrium Thermodynamics NT.