Manual Lacanian Psychotherapy: Theory and Practical Applications

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Translated by B. The names of the father. LeFort, R. The birth of the other. Translated by M. Du Ry, L. Watson, and L.

Lacanian Psychotherapy : Theory and Practical Applications

Foreword by Russell Grigg. Malone, K. Subjectivity and alterity. Journal of Theoretical and Philosophical Psychology 32 1 : 50— CrossRef Google Scholar. Mathelin, C. The broken piano: Lacanian psychoanalysis with children. Meyers, M. Liminality and the problem of being in the world.

Sartre Studies International 78— Mieli, P. Savoir-faire and the frame of the cure, Part II. Apres Coup Psychoanalytic Association. New York. Miller, M. Lacanian psychotherapy: Theory and practical applications. Milner, J. Lacan and the ideal of science. Leupin ed. Lincoln: University of Nebraska Press. For the love of language. Basingstoke, Hampshire: Macmillan. Parker, I. Lacanian psychoanalysis: Revolutions in subjectivity.

London: Karnac Press. Psychology after Lacan: Connecting the clinic and research. London: Routledge.

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Roudinesco, E. Jacques Lacan: Outline of a life, history of a system of thought. Seuss, T. One fish two fish red fish blue fish I can read it all by myself. New York: Random House.

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Soler, C. Lacan: The unconscious reinvented. Translated by E. Faye and S.

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London: Karnac. Leave this field empty. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed. Reading Lacan — Where to Start? Owen Hewitson - LacanOnline. The interview has value beyond its conciseness. You can find a copy of the interview here link downloads the Word doc. Whilst he divides opinion amongst Lacanians, these two works in particular are a pleasure to read. Zizek has not always been as well-known as he is now, and an amusing story about how he first emerged on the scene is worth recounting. In the early nineties, in the wake of the Sokal and Bricmont affair, there was great suspicion across academia of anyone purporting to talk with authority about continental philosophy.

When a hyperactive, bearded Slovenian philosopher with what seemed to be a made-up name emerged on the scene with a book entitled Everything You Always Wanted to Know About Lacan But Were Afraid to Ask Hitchcock many academics, wary of being duped again, believed this was another hoax and refused to take it seriously.

The Introductory Lectures on Psychoanalysis and New Introductory Lectures on Psycho-Analysis , from two very different periods of his work, make fascinating reading side-by-side and give a great overview of what he considers to be the most important of his discoveries in each period.

Lacanian Psychotherapy: Theory and Practical Applications

Taking Things Further To take your reading a bit further, there are some great works on psychoanalysis by non-Lacanians. Jean Laplanche is to my mind one of the very few analysts who can give Lacan a run for his money when it comes to the reading of Freud. His series of lectures are published in French as the Problematiques.

Lacan was apparently angered by its appearance in , at a time when Lacan dominated the French psychoanalytical scene. Clinical Perspectives People used to complain about the deficit of available clinical material published by Lacanian psychoanalysts. In the last ten to fifteen years that has changed greatly. There are a handful of general clinical introductions worth checking out. On more specific areas of symptomatology, three books by the aforementioned Darian Leader are worth checking out: What Is Madness?

This should give any reader an idea of how different analysts from various orientations and across the generations have approached clinical problems.

Psychoanalytical Reference Works To help the reader of Lacan through all the psychoanalytic jargon littering the field and there is plenty! Basically to understand and read Lacan, this list recommends not reading Lacan. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published.