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This viewpoint continued until the early twentieth century, when Congress began passing environmental protection laws. While many of these laws made references to wetlands, none specifically addressed their protection until the Clean Water Act of , which drastically amended the Federal Water Pollution Act of Army Corps of Engineers and the U. Environmental Protection Agency to regulate the discharge of fill material into the waters of the United States, including the filling of most wetlands. Today, wetlands are viewed as valuable ecosystems that provide important services to protect the world we live in.

Some of the most important wetland functions include flood protection, water quality improvement, ground water recharging, and providing habitat to thousands of species of wildlife and plants. Some wetlands, such as coastal marshes, even protect against hurricanes by absorbing wind energy and waves, thereby weakening the inland impact of the storms Barbier Wetlands serve as important stopovers for millions of migrating birds that travel the Pacific Flyway , but the area of these habitats has been drastically reduced due to the current drought.

For All Subject Areas. See All Resource Types. The Magic School Bus is a popular series among students and teachers. Each new adventure is full of fun and information. If your students love The Friz, this resource is for you! Use these note taking pages and activities to enhance your experience with The Magic School Bus videos! At this time, we ar. English Language Arts , Science. Activities , Handouts , Printables. Add to cart.

1) Puthupet Sacred Grove

Wish List. Wetlands Lessons and Activities Bundle. Use this wide variety of lesson plans and activities to teach all about wetland ecosystems. Topics included in this bundle include: abiotic and biotic interactions, roles of wetlands, descriptions and types of wetlands, physical and behavioral adaptations and ecosystems around the world. It also inc. Vocabulary , Biology , General Science. Show 8 included products. Biomes PowerPoint and Notes.

2) Seaside plantation in Kunimedu Kuppam

This colorful and engaging PowerPoint presentation, "Biomes of the World and Aquatic Ecosystems", will provide your students with interactive lessons on the ecological principles concerning biomes. Your students will learn the major characteristics of each biome as well as the representative plants. Science , Biology , Environment. In this package you receive a slideshow lesson exploring the wetland biome. Key subjects and terms touched upon within it focus on defining wetlands overall, different types of wetland such as bogs, swamps, marshes, fens and the water profiles associated with each, what a watershed is, common plan.

Earth Sciences , Environment , Geography. Wetlands Physical and Behavioral Adaptations Activity.

  • Wetland Ecosystem, Measures to Protect Wetlands, NWCP | PMF IAS.
  • Conversations on Consciousness.
  • Activity: Wetland in a Pan.

Teach your students all about physical and behavioral adaptations of plants and animals in wetlands ecosystems with this no-prep activity where students are asked to document a new species found in the wetlands. This product includes:complete lesson plans with opportunities to differentiate for your. Science , Biology , General Science. Lesson Plans Individual , Activities , Assessment. This wetlands, deserts, and forests animals and plants picture sort was specifically designed for the Utah 4th Grade Standard 5 Science Core along with the ecosystem wheel, booklet, and sketch.

Labeled pictures sho. Printables , Science Centers , Interactive Notebooks.

Sacred Groves & Wetland Possibilities: Notes from a Field Trip

Wetlands Season 03 Episode Science , Earth Sciences , General Science. Examinations - Quizzes , Study Guides , Worksheets. Choose as many or few pages as you need! This lesson can extend your viewing experience for more than one day. All students can complete the same activities, or differentiate by giving students different activities!

Sacred Groves & Wetland Possibilities: Notes from a Field Trip – Pitchandikulam Forest, Auroville

Science , General Science. Worksheets , Activities , Graphic Organizers. This is a PowerPoint that explains freshwater. It includes information about watersheds, wetlands,river systems, lakes and ponds,and groundwater. Great video clips are embedded and pictures are used to show examples.

clublavoute.ca/kebed-la-roda.php This is a great PowerPoint to help explain the topic and help students understand. Science , Earth Sciences , Environment. PowerPoint Presentations. These video worksheets allow students to follow along as they watch the listed Bill Nye video. Watching a video is no longer a passive activity!! Students are engaged during the video as they must listen AND write at the same time; definitely an important skill for students to master. Each video.

Science , Environment , General Science. Study Guides , Worksheets , Movie Guides.

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Pond Wetland Animals Clipart. Includes graphics for beaver, otter, swan, blue heron, crayfish, snail, duck, muskrat, newt, frog, snapping turtle, and water snake. Not Grade Specific. Clip Art. Wetlands Descriptions and Types. Students learn about the qualities that define a wetland ecosystem and the various types that can be found in the world through these activities and assessments that require very little prep-just print and teach.

Biology , Environment , General Science. Lesson Plans Individual , Worksheets , Activities. Interactive Notes for the Freshwater PowerPoint. This document makes it easy to have the students follow along with the PowerP.