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The pebble clattered on the courtyard flagstones, and my sparrow fell lifeless. On purpose!

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She scolded me for giving good food to a wild bird, and she told me it was ridiculous to call the death of a sparrow murder. So I went back to the courtyard.

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Later that day, I talked Yael, our serving woman, into taking me down to the shore. On the rocky beach, I made a sort of tomb out of stones and laid the sparrow in it. Forgetting my own sorrow for the moment, I gazed up at her glum face. I was shocked at the idea that no one cared as much for Yael as I cared about my sparrow, but maybe it was true. It was glorious. In the synagogue, the scripture readings often mentioned all the things the Lord created. Sometimes I imagined the One sitting at his heavenly workbench, smiling with pleasure as he turned out sparrows and warm bodies and apricots for us to enjoy.

The very next morning, while I was feeding the chickens as usual, a sparrow perched on the courtyard wall.

I was terrified that my brother would kill this one, too. Save some of your bread from breakfast. He hopped sideways in one direction, then the other, to mark his words. Still, I did as the sparrow told me. Later, when no one else was watching, I saw him come back to eat the crumbs. The next time I had a chance to talk to Abba, my father, alone, I told him the whole story of the sparrows.


He listened with his arm around me, his eyes serious above his gray-streaked brown beard. I was glad to have him out of the house, although I think my mother missed him. I kept on leaving bread for Tsippor, or Birdie, as I called the sparrow. Whenever I was upset about something, I would sit on the stairs and talk it over with Tsippor while he pecked the crumbs.

Later, I overheard Alexandros stumbling as he tried to recite the same psalm for Abba. How could he have trouble memorizing such unforgettable words? I asked her if she heard the sparrow answer me, but the idea seemed to frighten her, so I said it was just a game. During the next year or so, I talked to Tsippor less and less, although I still fed him. Soon afterward, I started to give serious time to my own writing.

I was thrilled to have some articles and essays and book reviews published, but still my stories were always rejected. Then, when my children were nine and seven, I tried writing a book for children. Bingo - at last I was writing the kind of stories that made me want to become a writer, back when I was nine! A year or so later my first book, Mail-Order Wings , was published. Ever since, I've written about things that matter to me. For instance, my fascination with flying sparked my first book, Mail-Order Wings, as well as my biography of Amelia Earhart.

My interest in astronomy led me to write a biography of Maria Mitchell, America's first woman astronomer.

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I also love the places I've lived. In the spirit world, Mari finds she has power. Here, she really is in control of her fate.

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But is she? Or is the magic controlling her? This gripping portrait of one of the most misunderstood and controversial Biblical figures is the story of a young girls path through manipulation and possession, madness and healing, to a man who will change the world forever. Louisa May Alcott Beatrice Gormley. Salome Beatrice Gormley.