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The course was arranged on my initiation as a continuation for the first phase Assembler programming of the Operating Systems course. About ten persons of my class participated in this course. During my education I also studied the Prolog programming language. In Prolog I wrote a dissertation program named Map.

This studying was part of a larger entity Topics in Data Technology, extent 12 cr so there is no separate reference to this in my degree certificate. The education also contained 12 months of work placement. I compensated practically all those studies by being a trainee in Hybrid Graphics.


I did all the training in my free time during saved annual holidays, free time earned by working overtime etc. I did the conscription in the brigade of Pori between the 9. I was trained to be a rifleman. My military rank is lowest ranking sergeant. I have programmed games in my spare time since I was 7 years old. Still I code all kinds of programs in addition to my daily job in order to maintain and develop my professional skills.

Areas that particularly interest me are artificial intelligence, algorithms and optimization. I want to learn new technologies and evolve myself especially as a programmer.

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I also read a lot of books about programming. In the workers' institute of Espoo I have passed the following courses: Starting up and running a company, Basic course of accounting, Advanced course of accounting, 8. Grade: Definition: Very strong skills Very wide and thorough expertise based on a very long-time experience Strong skills Wide and thorough expertise and several years of experience Good skills Good expertise and over 12 months of experience Moderate skills Knowledge about the theory and over 12 months of experience Basic skills Knowledge about the theory and at least one month of experience Basic software: MS Word : I have used the versions 2.

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Very strong skills. Strong skills in programming Word VBA.

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Strong skills in programming Excel VBA. Strong skills.

PC operating systems : DOS versions 6. The snake grows one segment for each blue food square it eats.

Programming Windows Games with Borland C++

It will die if it eats a magenta poison square or if it crosses itself. The object is to grow the snake as long as possible.

You can guide the snake either by using the arrow keys. The internal representation in the program consists of a by cell world array and the position of each segment of the snake in a snake array. Chess This is an unfinished application with only the visual representation of the graphics user interface GUI in place. There is no internal representation of the chess pieces or the chess board at the present time. Two arrays need to be built, one for the current world [8][8] and one for the next world [8][8]. Then the pieces need to be represented as coded integers in those array.

I would be pleased if someone would then code the possible moves of a given piece, marking them with the magenta square. I would be extremely pleased if all the possible moves of one side could then be evaluated by the territory under their control. I would be elated if then one side would automatically move and capture simply to maximize its territory, the user playing the other side. Chess 2 Some enhancements have been added although not all the routines worked out by Chris have been implemented.

Pieces can now be moved by clicking to pick them up and clicking again to drop them. Two end games have been set up. The path is traced in cyan, if a path is possible at all. Two such images are included. Pictorial images may be reduced in PhotoShop for different effects. Throw Dice by Christina Robinette A solution utilizing two functions, one to roll the dice and another to display the result.

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The display function is a bit verbose, but it works and adds a novel user prompt. Throw Dice by Kathryn Papadopoulos A straightforward solution that met all the requirements: function call, icon, title and correct operation with some elaboration of the fonts. Throw Dice by Jack Rosner One of the more elaborate solutions to the in-class exam which asked participants to write an application that rolled two dice, displayed the sum of their faces, and also displayed the text "Box-Cars" and "Snake-Eyes" if they rolled a 12 or a 2 respectively.

Games have a wide appeal to users all over the world.

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Afterall, what are the chances of writing a spreadsheet or database interface, and having your friends spend hours admiring your work? The best way to learn game programming is to actually write a game. I recommend that for every article on programming you happen to read, you write some sort of code to test what you have learned. Actually writing code will teach you much more than reading ever will. Programming in Windows is not as bad as it seems, Microsoft shudder actually got something right with DirectX.

No longer, do we need to figure out the video card, write drivers for 20 different sound cards, etc. It's all their for us.