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Black Pepper Horse Mackerel. Chilli Mustard Horse Mackerel. Pepper Garlic Horse Mackerel. Smokey combination of marinated grill tuna with smoke and layer of veggies. Horse Mackerel Fish With Bone 1 item. Without wishing to get too personal, Santa is a generously proportioned fellow - lbs if he's an ounce. But he neither turns morbidly obese nor stick thin year after year. And old enough to have a white beard, but not old enough to retire, puts him in his mid 60s, and nobody would dispute that he has a very active job. He could push that in a day - but not far enough to be ill, and mince pies are quite rich.

This may seem a surprisingly large number, but it is not far from agreement with user who calculated , for the USA alone based on the postal service.

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We have a number x more than that, but there are almost x more countries than USA - many with less dense population centers and less well developed postal routes and more households. It could be, of course, that the concept of "one Santa" and "multiple Santas" doesn't apply in the same way as to the rest of us. One Santa, multiple bodies. Many models for such an organism have been speculated about - technologically such as The Borg Hivemind or Peter F. Hamilton's "Multiple Person", biologically in reality with the mycorrhizal connections of "one fungus" underground, or theologically with the Christian Holy Trinity of one Deity and three instantiations.

Perhaps Santa requires a new proposal of this kind? But, at least on Christmas Eve night, there are enough Santas to sink a battleship. There is one santa but for each person that comes on earth Santa has an algorithm that allows him to predict the outcome of the life of that person combined with its interaction with other people in order to know exactly how many people needs a gift and where and when to bring that gift.

Also this algorithm works together with a special device which creates another him by using his own DNA to create another version of him in a similar way that Mitsuki from Boruto has been created.

Santa Caught on Santa Cam!

But this technology creates other santas fast. So Santa has been there the whole time with synthetic forms of himself with an algorithm matching the possibilities needed to satisfy all new humans born each day before Christmas. An interesting explanation to how Santa Claus works can be seen in the film Arthur Christmas. Santa, along with the elves, travel from city to city in a giant aircraft, where the elves simultaneously deliver all gifts on every house and building in the matter of seconds.

Of course, each elf intentionally leaves some "evidence" by biting the cookies and drinking the milk, to keep the illusion of Santa.

And they don't have to do it exactly at midnight, or at a specific time, as long as the children are asleep. They have some margin to plan their route more efficiently but I won't go into the details of the Travelling Salesman Problem. Additionally, aside from the elves doing the delivery, there are more elves monitoring everything at the North Pole, guaranteeing that every kid in the world receives their assigned gift, as well as checking which traditions to follow in every land they visit, and also making sure they go unnoticed yes, this involves breaking the law.

For the number itself of elves It's not clear how many there are, but it's easy to estimate them in the thousands or tens of thousands. The relatively more recently established League of Extraordinary Santas and the ancient Order of Saint Nicholas have a varying and undisclosed number of members. Having rescued a large number of pygmy tribes people now know as the Emancipated Little Folk sometime in the past had boosted their numbers even further than what some would estimate.

Santa's Christmas Eve Workload, Calculated

Sign up to join this community. The best answers are voted up and rise to the top. Home Questions Tags Users Unanswered. How many Santas are required? Ask Question. Asked 9 months ago. Active 9 months ago. Viewed 7k times.

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All in all, how many Santas are required to complete the delivery round? Separatrix Separatrix Bending a few maybe, but not breaking.

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To measure Santa you require : Milk, a glass of or a cup if you cannot get a glass; it is the thought that counts Mince pie or cookie or a tasty replacement if no MPie is available. Again, it is the thought that counts The all-important letter to Santa. Santa prefers letters in crayon but will take whatever the writer has to hand as long as it is not something nasty.

MichaelK StephenG StephenG Also we, the public, cannot be sure that Santa does not actively cooperate with government institutions. It's also in Santa's interest to promote a public image which may not reflect the true facts just like those sneaky electrons pretended to be ordinary particles until science improved to the point we could prove they were sneaky waves and particles!

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So I wouldn't think goodness or badness would affect the probability of a successful Santa measurement too much, although it would certainly impact the "Schrodinger's Coal" factor when opening the aforementioned present. It's worth noting darker theories that S. Governments may actively cooperate with this and we're only now realizing the sophistication of this operation.

Teach a man to fish and he'll be fed for the rest of his days"? Well, Santa did exactly that - you were supposed to use the remote controlled car to sneak by the miners and take as much coal as you wanted.

Global warming puts Santa’s delivery system at risk

We have also to consider that square minds do not meet Santa, at all. Dutch k 35 35 gold badges silver badges bronze badges. That has to hurt! It kinda reads like a joke answer. Nicholas fellow. Obviously a case of mistaken identity - they don't even look that much alike. After all, he associates with pagan beings like elves, which no good Christian would do, and he brings presents to non-Christian children.

follow Something more accurate than multiplying by A little edit for different sense of humour folks. Since they're always with elves I would have considered them like clownfish where should a group of elves lose its Santa the largest elf would undergo hormonal changes to grow into a new Santa.

It's a very unfortunate condition where the Santa loses their natural fear of being seen, there is as yet no known cure. Human expansion has forced them so far north that wild examples are mostly only known in places like Lapland and up to the North Pole but that's a consequence of displacement. That also requires a bit of an irregular pattern on his behalf: it is plain odd to go from house to house in sequence.

For us, it could be about five minutes, but for him, it might be days which he spent going through different regions of the world one house at a time. The link will appear on the page as: How many homes Santa visits per one second.

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This is perfect for making the calculations to find out how many houses does Santa visit to visit each home for Christmas. Wow, Santa Clause is very fast! Practical information about him. Santa Claus is very fast because that many deliveries of christmas presents he has to make and deliver is quick job.

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Brilliant Santas speed calculator, thank you! He visits houses in 1 second, and that is exactly houses in 1 hour on the day of Christmas. Santa is The fastest man and hardest working man. In the time limit of every : 1 second s on Christmas day, Santa has to visit : 19 In the time limit of every : 1 hour s on the Christmas day, Santa has to visit : 69 Speed of Santa in his work is spectacular.

Go Santa Go!