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Sas guide to report writing examples pdf

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SAS Guide to Report Writing. Examples. Second Edition. Michele M. Burlew

No Downloads. Views Total views. Actions Shares. Embeds 0 No embeds. No notes for slide. Do this twice, once using OR operators and once using the IN operator. Using the Sales data set, list all the observations where Region is North and Quantity is less than You are given the results as three lines of reading speeds, each line representing the results from each of the three methods,respectively.

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Here are the results: Create a temporary SAS data set from these three lines of data. There should be 30 observations inthis data set. Do not use compound interest formulas. Generate a table of integers and squares starting at 1 and ending when the square value is greater than Name the three date variables Date1, Date2, and Date3. Include in your data set the number of years from Date1 to Date2 Year12 and the number of years from Date2 to Date3 Year Round these values to the nearest year. Take the integer portion of both ages. Also, compute the number of months from the admission date to today's date call it MonthsToday.

Use a date interval function to solve this problem. AdmitDate date9. Print out the result. Markup; datalines; Cannondale 1. SAS is a software suite that can mine, alter, manage and retrieve data from a variety of sources and perform statistical analysis on it. The DATA step has executable statements that result in the software taking an action, and declarative statements that provide instructions to read a data set or alter the data's appearance.

In the compilation phase, declarative statements are processed and syntax errors are identified. Afterwards, the execution phase processes each executable statement sequentially.

SAS Tutorial for Beginners to Advanced - Practical Guide

Additionally, each piece of data has a descriptor and a value. Procedures perform analysis and reporting on data sets to produce statistics, analyses, and graphics. There are more than procedures and each one contains a substantial body of programming and statistical work. SAS macros are pieces of code or variables that are coded once and referenced to perform repetitive tasks. It generates code to manipulate data or perform analysis automatically and does not require SAS programming experience to use.

SAS Programming Course (15 hours) - Creating Reports with Proc Report

Another early participant, Caroll G. Perkins, contributed to SAS' early programming. Jolayne W. Service and Jane T. Helwig created SAS' first documentation. The first versions of SAS were named after the year in which they were released. The ability to analyze general linear models was also added [28] as was the FORMAT procedure, which allowed developers to customize the appearance of data.

Version 5 introduced a complete macro language, array subscripts, and a full-screen interactive user interface called Display Manager. SAS introduced new features through dot-releases. From 6. ODS was improved upon in successive releases. For example, more output options were added in version 8. In , the Text Miner software was introduced. Text Miner analyzes text data like emails for patterns in Business Intelligence applications. A free version was introduced for students in SAS had many releases since As of SAS's largest set of products is its line for customer intelligence.

Numerous SAS modules for web, social media and marketing analytics may be used to profile customers and prospects, predict their behaviors and manage and optimize communications. The framework's primary functionality is to monitor transactions across different applications, networks and partners and use analytics to identify anomalies that are indicative of fraud. There is also a SAS Enterprise Risk Management product-set designed primarily for banks and financial services organizations.

SAS has product sets for specific industries, such as government, retail, telecommunications and aerospace and for marketing optimization or high-performance computing. SAS also offers Free University Edition which can be downloaded by anyone and used for non commercial use. The first announcement regarding this Free University Edition seems to have appeared in newspapers on 28 May Acock wrote that SAS programs provide "extraordinary range of data analysis and data management tasks," but were difficult to use and learn.

In a comparison, Doug Henschen of InformationWeek found that start-up fees for the three are similar, though he admitted that the starting fees were not necessarily the best basis for comparison. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. This article is about the software suite.

For other uses, see SAS disambiguation. See also: Comparison of statistical packages. Retrieved 5 July Encyclopedia of Research Design Encyclopedia of research design. Delwiche; Susan J. Slaughter SAS Institute. CRC Press. Retrieved October 2, Jyoti Bass; K.

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  6. Dreamtech Press. Everittt March 10, Schermerhorn 11 October Exploring Management. University of California, Berkeley. Archived from the original PDF on October 12, Retrieved October 4, Shepley; Greenberg, Bernard G. Associated Press.