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All other server software installation will be charged according to the task and your plan.

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We will do a server stabilization on your cPanel server to make it very stable. This will help you to avoid server load issues and unnecessary down times. We provide 24 hour cpanel server monitoring service as per your cpanel server management plan. Our monitoring team will handle the reboot requests and email alerts. Our technical team members are experts in securing your cpanel servers. We will configure and tweak your server with the best cpanel security software and tools. Syslint Support team can handle cpanel disaster recovery and cpanel hacking investigation service for your servers as per your plan.

We are the experts in recovering your data. If you have more than 5 cPanel servers, then you will get custom price for your whole servers with support from your help desk.

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Please contact our sales department. Syslint is a Cloudlinux support partner. We will install and configure LiteSpeed web server in your cpanel servers. We also tune and optimize the Litespeed server parameter from the whm admin panel. We do installation and configuration of cpanel nginx plugin in your server. Cpnginx plugin is free with proactive cpanel server management plans. Cpnginx is a complete cpanel nginx integration software.

Cpremote is a cpanel backup software that supports incremental, compressed and uncompressed backups with seven days retention and have disaster management features. Cpanel easyapache is a simple and easy software, that bundled with the industry leader hosting control panel software, Cpanel. It have an easy interface to do apache and php installation. You can chose any of the favourite apache modules and php module. This is a standard documentation, that will help you to setup a perfect cpanel server without worrying about it.

Cpanel support multiple php Read more. How to track the exim email spam in cpanel server The cpanel server use exim as the email server.

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There is a never ending war going on with spam on internet. It may be probably due to insecure forms or improper exim configuration. Here are some tips avilable with exim commands that will help you to find which user in your server is sending massive spam emails. Step 1 : Get a total summery of cp This article will tell you how easily you can configure advanced exim logs in cpanel servers.

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The extended exim logs in cpanel server will help you to trouble shoot the email related issues in the server. Enable extended exim logs from whm is easy. All logos and names are trademarks of the respective owners and developers. The rest of this web site content has been copyrighted by Syslint Technologies. Blog Blog.

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Career Career. Promotions Promotions. DirectAdmin Support Experts in Directadmin software. Plesk Server Management We manage linux plesk control panel. Help Desk Support We manage your help desk. Cloud Support Build, deploy and maintain your cloud. Zimbra Support Zimbra setup , migration and security. Cluster Management We build HA cluster from scratch. Server Management Support All Linux distributions. Cpnginx Cpanel Nginx Plugin. Cpremote Cpanel Distributed Backups. FFmpeginstaller Award winner ffmpeg installer.

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Open Ticket Client Login. Compare Cpanel server management plan features. Which Cpanel server support plan should I chose? Reactive Cpanel server support plan is based on incident only. In some case the settings cannot be configured without overriding them due to limited functionality of the control panel.

So we inform you in advance what we can improve and what is not under our control. We perform the analysis and inform you about the results and the expected growth after optimization, give recommendations. This allows you to evaluate the necessity of our work before you make a payment. When the list of work to be done, cost, and time frames are approved, you pay the invoice and our specialist starts working on your project.

In case the optimization requires a temporary shutdown, we will contact you to arrange a site downtime for server maintenance. Depending on the plan you choose, we will either inform you when all the work is done, or email you a report on the results of the optimization. We connect your online store to the monitoring system and respond to server issues before users are even aware about them. Our server monitoring services not only provide detailed information on the health of your server, but also include performance benchmarking, alerting capabilities, failure forecasting, detailed reporting, data visualizations, etc.

The project manager will ask you to decide how you want to be notified of incidents via email, Slack, Jabber and provide an estimate for the project. It usually takes us 1 day to set up server monitoring. Simtech development is the best company in the world for CS-Cart. Simtech development team listens to customer carefully, helps you much, tries to Ahmed Abuaishah, U-mark. We are using cookies to give you the best, most relevant experience. By continuing to browse this website, you consent to our use of cookies.

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Our server management services entail: Installation and configuration Performance optimization Monitoring Maintenance. Installation and configuration Maintenance Performance optimization Monitoring. Installation and configuration. When the server is selected, we: prepare a new server for the project release set up environment to ensure that your PHP applications always run smoothly help you migrate from one server to another with minimum downtime install an operating system, set up software, and prepare the project for migration arrange the maintenance work to migrate the site switch traffic to the new server and change the DNS record.

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