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Rob Allen Rob Allen Cheers, Eric. Eric Eric Featured on Meta. Unicorn Meta Zoo 8: What does leadership look like in our communities? Join our dedicated Meta Stack Overflow chat room! Linked Related Hot Network Questions. A reference guide for the SSAS server properties can be found here.

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Deployment: You can compile a project in BIDS and get a set of files that can be deployed with the deployment wizard. You may need to adjust file paths for partitions and a few other things. Offline jobs can be done through various SSIS cube processing tasks, a command line utility called ascmd.

You can also get various powershell tools and suchlike. If you have to frig the file programatically you might be better off working with little.

SQL Server Analysis Services – OLAP and Analytics

Net tools rather than trying to manipulate XML files from a. The operations guide goes into this in more detail.

Security on SSAS is fairly simplistic. It has a global 'Server' role that has administrative permissions across the whole system. Unfortunately you need 'Server' to create databases, so it's quite likely you will need to grant it to developers on any development OLAP servers you have.

File Extensions and File Formats

Other security can only be applied to individual cube schemas. You can grant permissions to read, process, drillthrough, writeback and suchlike on individual items to roles within a schema. An example of how to programatically manage role membership can be seen here.

As a DBA you might well get involved in this one, but first a little backgrounder about the physical storage. SSAS works by calculating and persisting pre-built aggregates along with the base data. However, you have to work out which aggregates to calculate i. BIDS has a tool that will take a guess at this and generate some for you. Some tools, such as BIDS helper will also allow you to manually edit the aggregates.

Usage based optimisation works by taking a log of the actual queries issued to the server, and then using that log to work out a set of aggregates that would be optimal for those queries. A blurb about setting up the query log can be found here. The tool for doing this is called the 'Usage based optimisation wizard.

The performance guide goes into tuning in more detail.

Developing a SQL Server Analysis Services–Tabular Model

Plus, the friendly folks here at dba. MDX doesn't have any concept of filtering rows. The language has a whole lot of set operations to work out what to display on the various axes of the query 1 , plus 'SELECT'.

SQL Server Analysis Services (SSAS) Tutorial

You can use with statements that look a bit like CTEs to define measures and sets. Some introductory MDX programming resources can be found here and here this one is quite old and very long winded. Most MDX queries consist of defining what slices to show on the axes, and non-empty operators will be necessary to avoid queries returning combinatoric level quantities of empty cells. This is how the introduction begins:. The focus of this guide is how you can test, monitor, diagnose, and remove production issues on even the largest scaled cubes.

Brief Introduction to OLAP Cube

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