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Britton and S. Glynn Eds.

Hillsdale, NJ: Erlbaum. Hoosain, R. Psycholinguistic implications for linguistic relativity: A case study of Chinese.

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Psychological reality of the word in Chinese. Huang, J. From unit to gestalt: Perceptual dynamics in recognizing Chinese characters. Hue, C. Recognition processes in character naming. Jackson, N. Components of reading skill in post-kindergarten precocious readers and level-matched second graders. Journal of Reading Behavior , 25, — First test of a measure of ability to learn new orthographic and phonologically based orthographies.

Chinese readers of English: Orthographic and phonological processing , word identification , and exposure to print. Ju, D. The process of Chinese character identification.

Studies in Chinese Language, Volume 8 (The collected works of M.A.K. Halliday)

Li, P. Bates, E.

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Cues as functional constraints on sentence processing in Chinese. Lu, W. McCutchen, D. The visual tongue-twister effect: Phonological activation in silent reading. Journal of Verbal Learning and Verbal Behavior , 21, — Newport, E. Maturational constraints on language learning.

Chinese spoken 8: Weather 天气

Cognitive Science , 14, 11— Olson, R. Specific deficits in component reading skills: Genetic and environmental influences.

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Journal of Learning Disabilities , 22, — Perfetti, C. Automatic prelexical phonetic activation in silent word reading: Evidence from backward masking.

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