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Laddas ned direkt. New technologies and concepts are presented, which are either awaiting for recognition by Geological Surveys, or are gradually applied in some survey.


Nevada Bureau of Mines and Geology

After the "Summaries" were issued by the end of , the authors who presented their views at the Workshop, gave a revised version of their papers with more new ideas and material. Generally, the book is addressed to cartographers in Geological Surveys, geologists and geographers co-operating with landuse planners, ecologists and decision makers, who may learn about the state-of-the-art and the enormous information potential of the modern information technologies in Geosciences.


Geologic Map of Vermont. Bedrock and surficial geologic maps serve as a base for studies of groundwater, health, hazards and ecosystems. Vermont Geological Survey The Vermont Geological Survey, also known as the Division of Geology and Mineral Resources in the Department of Environmental Conservation, conducts research and mapping relating to the geology, resources and topography of the State.

Local to statewide groundwater resource studies and implications for water quality and quantity. Studies of positive and negative impacts of bedrock, glacial materials, and soils on water quality, air quality, and health.