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According to their website, Midnight Riders have released over 23 albums. Only four albums and a single have been revealed so far.

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Sign In Don't have an account? Start a Wiki. Add Image. Categories :. This gold dredge from the 's is one of many. Prospectors still actively seek gold on the Seward Peninsula. Several miners live on the beach near this old machine. The coast of Vancouver Island, like almost anywhere along Northwestern coasts, is wet and soggy, and similar to Alaska's coast. It's more forgiving in rough seas, dampening the impact of waves.

But it always will have water leaking. You have to periodically pump water out, about every three hours. Kil'iii traveled without a tarp shelter. For food, he carried with him only rice, butter, and gorp with the expectation of supplementing his diet with fish. Fishing was more than successful. He would catch herring for bait, and let out a line from his kayak. He ate fish nearly every meal, and to keep from dangerous weight loss, he supplemented the fish with fat. The kayak couldn't carry his gear, so he switched to another skin boat built by a friend of his.

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It was a prototype better suited to the open ocean, but it wasn't lined and started filling up with water as he made his first crossing. You sit inside it so the rest of the kayak has buoyancy…otherwise you and all your stuff goes right to the bottom.

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But the boat was leaking not in the sea sock, but in the rest of the boat. O ver the next few days, Kil'iii entered a world with almost no humans. One day, an orca breached completey from the water only two hundred yards from his boat. Another day, he witnessed what he described as the finest moment of his trip - a floating bed of kelp upon which over a hundred fifty sea otters were congregating. I am interested in whether Kil'iii's experience offered any possibility of adding wisdom to the idea of North America being populated by ancient boaters.

Kil'iii, who considers himself an average paddler, explained that an Aleut paddler would have been a much stronger paddler than himself. He explained how he had seen native Northwest paddlers in high surf. It lasted the whole trip. The shape decreases wind resistance, and of course shielded me from the sun, but also blocked water reflection.

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I asked Kil'iii that if he was able to do this trip alone, how difficult would it have been for ancient paddlers, 14, years ago, to cross Beringia and paddle to Oregon. I traveled alone.

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I cooked all my food over fires and the resources were plentiful. Even though the land resources were bitter, it wasn't berry season, the estuaries were filled with shellfish, and fish were everywhere. At one point, I camped on an Indian midden, just eleven feet off the beach. Now, these shellfish middens are much newer than fourteen-thousand years ago. But they tell about the sea's bounty.

He continued, "Remember that they would have been traveling with umiaks too Most of the west coast of Alaska and the Pacific Northwest are not as surfy as Oregon waters. It's all protected water. A lot of whales take the outside passage, but the inside passage has more shellfish.

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I asked Kil'iii if he felt any loneliness or fright while away from civilization for so long. He said no. You develop a faith in the natural world and in understanding the patterns out there, and you forget there are no people. He would have enjoyed traveling with a large group of friends, but "this was a very different kind of trip. You learn a lot, and you have a lot of time to think. The one thing is, you feel very small. I would see thousands of tiny little jellyfish throughout this trip, pumping and pumping in one direction.

But the current was going in a different direction and they were just being pulled along by it. Man, I thought, we think we are something special, but out there, you realize we are at the mercy of natural forces. The next day, I drive the 75 mile road to Teller, an Eskimo fish camp on a sandy spit in a vast inland waterway.

The way to Teller is long. Treeless mountains extend in every direction.

The road to Teller is an inland, not coastal route. In winter, this tundra landscape turns to snow — an impossible march by foot?

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Perhaps more answers lie in the progress of technology. But the North Americans would have been a different story altogether; we can learn much more about them, and where they could survive, when we know what technology they had to support their forays into new geography. Please note that there will not be a formal presentation. Maps of the proposed improvements will be displayed at the meeting and staff of NCDOT will be on hand to provide information and answer questions.

The opportunity to submit written comments will be provided at the meeting or can be done via phone, email, or mail by Jan.

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