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Citations Publications citing this paper. Synchronic variation and sound change in Romance languages : a corpus-based study of lenition phenomena in Romanian and Spanish Ioana Vasilescu , Lori Lamel. Collecter, Transcrire, Analyser : quand la machine assiste le linguiste dans son travail de terrain. References Publications referenced by this paper.

Bridging Gaps and Sustaining Development with Digital Technologies

Timothy Bunnell. Crosslingual study of asr errors: on the role of the context in human perception of nearhomophones. Snoeren M.

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Each contribution is divided into several sections that present the state of the art and the methodology used, and discuss the results and perspectives of the authors. Pages: I—IV. Pages: V—XI.

Exploring pronunciation variants for Romanian speech-to-text transcription

By: Mary P. Pages: 14— Pages: 29— Pages: 37— By: Peter Sandrini. Pages: 50— By: Mariana Pitar. Pages: 60— But just as the reality of digital technology touches so many of us, there are far too many people who are left outside of it. The rest of the world enjoys a very different experience in their interaction with the digital world based on their level of digital literacy, location, age, income and degree of physical access to digital infrastructure. Fully reaping the benefits of digital technology must therefore be a clear public policy priority that integrates development of adequate infrastructure, an enabling business environment, predictable and good regulations, and a constant focus on the skills agenda.

My colleagues will focus on the main findings of the report and the range of solutions that exist to capitalize on digital dividends globally, but I would like to spend some time to discuss the significance of the report for Romania.

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Romania ranks among the top countries in the world in high-speed Internet access, better than the EU overall. The ICT sector could become one of the key growth drivers of the Romanian economy if the opportunities of high-speed Internet are fully utilized.

Romanian: The Forgotten Romance Language

However, the gap between the number of internet access connections in rural areas compared to urban areas remains wide. The country ranks 23 rd among EU member states on connectivity.

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  6. The strategy of the Government are that broadband coverage should increase from 90 to 97 percent EU28 value , and household penetration in rural areas should increase from 55 percent to 70 percent EU28 value. Romania needs to close the broadband gap to fully reap all digital and economic benefits. In the next five years more than 3. Internet usage and content should be promoted hand in hand with these infrastructure advancements. I suggest that priority for broadband connection should be given to school, library and public access places. Romanian is the second most spoken language in Microsoft offices around the world and Romanian IT specialists are among the best in all major global IT companies. Some of the most popular Apps on our cell phones are developed by Romanian engineers. The human capital potential in this country is extremely rich.

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    The paradox, however, is that Romania has the lowest percentage of regular Internet users in the EU 48 percent , and 39 percent of the Romanian population has never used the Internet EU average is 18 percent. This means that more than one-third of the population cannot take advantage of the possibilities offered by the Internet and only 20 percent of Romanians possess basic levels of digital skills. Digital skills are needed for every type of workforce in Romania and their absence is an important barrier to economic development.